There has been a mistake on the doubles form a while ago so that it gave out cards that were and are not yet published. Please check if you have an unpublished card in your trading pile and exchange them! You can go to the randomizer and grab random cards instead. Please do not keep the unreleased cards!

13 Apr 2014


New members: sea, . Welcome!
Level Ups: Lex (level 4),
Masteries: Bree (httyd-settingyoufree), Christina (lionking-nala), Christina (minimastery), Christina (aladdin-jasmine), Fina (findingnemo-dory), Fina (gnomeo), Jessy (tarzan-jane), Jessy (tarzan-tarzanjane), Jessy (httyd-gettingcloser), Lex (poegypt-mosestzipporah), Mary (cinderella), Mary (walle), Meg (abugslife),

Games Updates

All games have been updated.
Forum games have been updated.

New decks

you may take a total of 4 cards, max. 2 per deck;
if you donated the images you may take an extra card

You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

Anything else

You can take cards spelling out HAPPY ENDING, max 2 per deck.

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