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Latest Updates

Updates come weekly with bi-weekly deck releases and wishing well. You can always take cards from both updates shown on the first page. You may not go back to older news and grab cards when you missed the update or were on hiatus, but you can take a choice card from released decks that you donated for.

17 Feb 2015


New members: ---
Level Ups: iceymoon (level 3), Lex (level 6), Marie (level 2)
Masteries: Fina (toystory-buzz)

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly
Forum Games: ---

Anything else

I'm so so sorry this is late and not a full update, but I am very sick, with a fever and everything, thinking about going to the hospital if I don't feel better soon sad

you can take 5 choice cards (max 2/deck)

09 Feb 2015


New members: ---
Level Ups: Bree (level 9), erin (level 3), Srahina (level 6)
Masteries: Bree (frozen-annaelsa), Bree (httyd-stoick), Jun (tarzan-sonofman), Kaz (anastasia-darkofthenight), Kaz (anastasia-dimitri), melissa (sbeauty-fauna), melissa (cinderella), melissa (httyd-feedingtime), melissa (httyd-settingyoufree), melissa (httyd-hiccupastrid), melissa (littlemermaid-kissthegirl), Nicolie (lionking2-kovukiara), Srahina (spirit-escape), Srahina (hercules-gothedistance)

Games Updates

Site Games: Weekly
Forum Games: Weekly

Anything else

I'm gonna change the updates again. There will be weekly updates, but only bi-weekly deck releases. I will release 4 decks again and update the wishing well bi-weekly as well. You can take cards from both news shown at the first page, but you may not go back and take from older updates.

This week, love is in the air! You can take 5 cards showing lovers! (max 2/deck)

February is still double donation month! Every donation you make will give you twice the rewards, whooot!

No new decks this week, but next week I will release four and grant wishes again :)

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